Adventures In teaching

Est. 2015

In Ghana on an LRTT fellowship

Teaching Sats:


 No. Years Teaching: 4

 Subjects Taught: English, Math,   Science, Robotics

 Grades Taught: 6-8

 No. of Schools Taught at: 2 

 No. of Studens Taught: Approx. 350


"Your an iconic teacher"

"I'd be your friend miss"

"Whats a hooligan?"

"Who made you mad? I'll beat them up!"

"Raise your hand..." "if you've ever been personally victimized by Regina George."

"Thanks for trusting us with our own learning"

Ghana July 2017: LRTT Fellowship

My Hooligans: My first class I ever taught

You can click above to view my Good Reads account in it's entirety. 

Currently reading:

  • I Am Alfonso Jones- Tony Medina

  • March Book I- John Lewis

  • The Devils Highway- Luis Alberto Urrea

Teacher Insperation

My Hooligans: My first class I ever taught

Social Justice Educator

Ghana July 2017: LRTT Fellowship

Ethiopia November 2008: Where it all began

Mr. Rowan

Mrs. Kelly

Mrs. Palamino

Mr. Benezra

Mrs. Duren

Teacher Tree

A dedication to the teachers who have nourished my teacher roots.


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