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Goal Getter!


-Date yourself on the daily

-Positive Affirmations

-Journaling daily

-Join a book club

-Mentor/ Volunteer

(Denver Urban Scholars & Urban Peak)


-Work out/ stretch daily

-Drink LOTS of water!

-Eat healthy

-Meal prep weekly

-Keep house clean


-Use twitter/ instagram to connect with other educators

-ORGANIZATION! (this is my biggest struggle)

-Improve my robotics team and help them be independent

-Use comics in the classroom

-Use MORE podcasts in the classroom

-Attend & lead more PD

-Write P.D Journal articles

-Co-Planning Math

-Social Justice Con.

Bucket List:

-Host a party at my house

-Go see The Mountain Goats @ Meow Wolf

-Kayaking with bio-luminescent plankton

-Star gazing in the mountains

-Learn to play my Banjo

-Take a pottery class

-Go to graduate school and get my Masters

-Stay in a tree house hotel