LRTT: Founded in 2012, LRTT is a social enterprise that up-skills and energizes teaching communities around the world.

Fellows are comprised of teachers from around the globe who travel to other           ___countries and help provide training for __teachers in that country (these are ___teachers who often work with ___ __________limited resources).

Things all people who have traveled for an extended period of time know: things won't go as planned ever, different cultures value time in a much different way, you will get sick at least once no matter how much medicine you take, you will be in questionable situations and live to tell the tale, you will do something because, "I might only be in Ghana once", you will be pushed to the limits of hangry, you will laugh more than you could have imagined, you will make friends with strangers, you will dream of food from back home while enjoying the opportunity to try new cuisine, you will drink lots of cheap beer and dance even though you hate it, you will be sore, bruised, and bug bitten, you will stare longingly at the moon from your view on the beach and remember how small you are, you will drive by bus and taxi through dirt roads, pot holes, jungle, rain, and heat, you will never be the same person that you were when you left. I would encourage everyone (no matter how old you are) to solo travel or travel with a group of strangers at least once in their life (I guarantee once won't be enough though). Go somewhere you've only ever dreamed about, push yourself to the limits, and overcome. "Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do; there are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the Earth"- Rumi


Say "Yes!" and don't look back.


Open your heart and you will open your mind.


Go outside of your comfort zone.


Bring back your experience to others.


Travel as often as possible.


You will get sick at least once while traveling.


Be cliche and take all the pictures you'll want to remember this.